Cooking Margarine

margarineGenerally speaking is a combination of oils, fats and milk, emulsified together. For me the emulsification process stabilises the fats and makes it very versatile to use with fabulous end results. When mixed with a little lard will shorten pastry making it crisper and with a good favour. I’ve tried a variety of different types but have found that Stork margarine gives the best results.

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Baking Powder

baking-powderHelps to give a light and airy texture to baked products. It’s raising properties come from a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar, when mixed with water a chemical reaction to take place, giving off a gas, and these air bubbles provide the aeration to sponges and pastries and biscuits.  When used in a creamed margarine based sponge it will give a very light end result.

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